What is a Franchise Consultant, Coach, Advisor?

Simply said: Guide clients through various decision-making processes that lead them to business opportunities that best fit your income goals, lifestyle desires, and investment budget.  We also realize that business ownership and entrepreneurial journey may not be for all. We focus on the needs and desires of you, our client, and at no cost to you! We have worked hard to identify and build relationships with the best franchise companies in the industry. These companies have agreed to support us financially, similar to an executive recruiter, so our service is complimentary, and we offer the franchisor a qualified, interested candidate for their franchise system.  We recognize that people buy a franchise for three main reasons:

  • First, they are looking for a proven business model that will turn an investment into a profitable and sustainable income producer. Investment in a business not only provides one with a financial return called “present value,” but it also provides a potential financial “wind fall” for what I call “future value” if one decides to sell the business.
  • Second, people are looking for a Partner. In Franchising, the franchisor you choose to do business with will be your partner.  This partnership has tremendous value in the day to day work and responsibilities of running the business.  The franchise companies make money when you do, so they have a vested interest in the success of your business.
  • Third, people buy a franchise to match their ideal Lifestyle. When choosing a business you’re interested in, our team at Pro Franchise Advisor will focus heavily on finding an opportunity that will not only match your lifestyle but enhance it.  Do you want to spend more time with the family, work from home, travel more? These are questions we discuss before I suggest opportunities for you.

Pro Franchise Advisor speaks from the heart but leads from experience with significant executive-level “franchise” and local community ownership experience.  These core competencies, with an understanding of good and bad days as the CEO of a community business since we have walked in your shoes, separates us from the competition!  We understand the emotions when putting up personal assets as collateral to secure an SBA loan. Further, with experience mentoring MBA students, you will receive the same post-purchase consulting at no cost to you giving you the highest chance for success. 

During the journey, we provide:

  • Many hours of personal coaching and expert > we have walked in your shoes
    • Never Any Pressure. Information about your interest, hobbies, professional background and budget is matched to your wants and needs with businesses to consider.  It’s that simple!
    • Provides the Best franchise Opportunities available in your geographical area of interest, while have fun doing it!
    • Working together, we can help “Make Your Dreams Come True.” Imagine owning your own business, being your own boss while providing a sustainable and profitable business for you and your family for years to come.
  • Access to all our virtual and physical tools
  • Access to our finance and legal resources which provide simple, affordable financing options and solutions offering the greatest chance for success.
  • Access to other people who have already bought a franchise for meaningful discussions and “validation.”
  • List of many questions to ask franchise companies including detail on how their programs work
  • It’s Free! Pro Franchise Advisor will provide you with a list of pre-qualified franchise brands, assist you in acquiring the business while providing you support during the entire process… all at “No Cost” to you.

At Pro Franchise Advisor, we realize Trust is earned and excited to share our success with you during this exciting time in your life!

Scott Diener of ProFranchiseAdvisor.com is a leading franchise expert with 30+ years experience building franchise brands for fortune 100 and mid-size companies, and after running out of gas as a corporate road warrior, he became the entrepreneur of children’s entertainment centers based in Los Angeles together with his wife to achieve his flexibility and freedom.    


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