Transitioning Veterans Start New Careers

Transitioning military veterans seeking financial independence and future security are increasingly looking at franchising as a means of meeting these goals.

Franchising has two paths. Choose to go it alone where 50% of all small businesses fail after five years or with the support of a results-driven business model where 95% are still open after five years according to the SBA.  Franchising taps into the collective power of training, coaching, technology, marketing, and operations support. Franchising is very similar to military life since its very organized, checklist way of life with a sense of comradery with corporate staff and other franchisees.      

Think about the amazing skills learned with the military structure-commitment to the mission as a team member, working within a given system, on-going skills training, following a system, and attention to details are an excellent background for individuals considering becoming a franchisee.

Top 5 Transferrable Skills:

  1. Leadership Experience
  2. Self-discipline and focus on the task at hand
  3. Build great teams for the benefit of all
  4. Strong performance under start-up and ongoing stress of owning a business
  5. Understand sacrifice 

Military training provides an Amazing toolset to build and scale successful companies!  

We understand the challenges entering civilian life, and we assist at No Cost to you. Our program leverages your adaptability, unmatched discipline, decisive decision-making under pressure and the coveted tested leadership to identify “if” franchise business ownership is for you. We then uncover the transferability of your military experience and skillsets and find suitable franchise opportunities that meet your lifestyle and financial resources. Though starting a new business can be daunting, picking the right franchise can set you up for success with a proven business model, a network of support, essential business tools, training, and so much more.

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You will never sign any contract or charge you fees for our services. The franchisors compensate with success fees for bringing them qualified candidates, which is similar to a real estate agent.  You’ll pay the same franchise fee when you enter an agreement with a franchisor whether you work with Scott or not. We value your service and have the experience as business owners ourselves. 

Serious about learning if Franchise Business Ownership is for you?  If Yes, Get Educated Today!

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