Testimonial: Resa & Ted – Sterling, VA

My experience with learning about franchising, I thought was unique, but the more I talk to seasoned professional, it is has become the norm. Executives, working in high power roles, get to a point where they stop, look around and re-evaluate “why am I doing this for someone else”. I too, had a similar experience and gave myself the gift of time to evaluate finding a new job or taking the leap and becoming an entrepreneur, which I’ve long had the desire to do.

I was fortunate enough to connect with Scott Diener, which was the best decision I made. Scott has a very thoughtful, methodical process to help you truly understand who you are, what skill set you have and do you have the intestinal fortitude to be an entrepreneur. His process, truly allows you to peel back the onion, ask a lot of questions, understand the benefits, purpose and obstacles of becoming a small business owner, but more specifically one that is part of a franchise system. Scott took a lot of time to get to know myself and my husband, present us with concepts and truly be a guide, mentor, voice of reason and neutral party only providing guidance and not steering us in a particular direction based on his needs….this was all about what we needed.