Testimonial: Melanie – San Diego, CA

I am a proud franchise owner and I would not be able to say that if Scott had not reached out to me that one day in Aug 2019. I was at a career cross roads wanting something different but I could not explain what I wanted or how different a career path I was willing to take. Scott used all his skills on me, with his career coaching background he listened to me to understand what I was looking for and opened my eyes to the vast opportunities that existed out there. Scott, as a franchisee himself fully understands the path you are on and leads you every step of the way. After researching many industry options, I was able to zero in and find my next path. 9 months after that first contact, many meetings and many changes in direction later, Scott helped me accomplish a goal I would have never thought possible.

I am a business owner today because of Scott. He supports you through the entire process, helps with outside resources you may need and makes the experience enjoyable. Thank you for listening, thank you for your guidance, your advise and sharing your personal experiences of owning your own franchises.

If you are pondering doing something different, want more than corporate life and really want to be your own boss. Scott will help you find your path. Highly recommended.