Have Your Self-Employment Resolution for 20-20 yet? Freedom, Flexibility, Be Your Own Boss

Happy 20-20!

Research shows 80% of people give up on their New Year’s resolution by the 2nd week of February! Have you noticed fitness gyms are busy in January with New Year’s “resolutions.”  The majority of people aren’t resolving changes, and then in February, gyms attendance is back to normal. Be part of the few who make change versus the many that talk!  Can you answer – what specific result will you accomplish? What’s your WHY (reasons come first, answers come second)? How? What tools, resources, and professional advisors do you need to make it happen? Commit to your vision in 20-20!

Ready to learn more about self-employment through franchising and commit to starting your journey to separate yourself from the 80% who give up?

Our process to identify brands begins with:

  1. Personal Assessment: Concentrate on learning everything about you relevant to franchising, help set goals, and gain insight into your values and strengths, weaknesses, aspirations and lifestyle requirements, including using a behavioral profiling system that matches you with other franchisees.  Add link to Zoracle
    1. Help you Evaluate Brands
    2. Introduce you to multiple franchise companies that match your values, needs, skills, strengths, and day-to-day lifestyle and only companies that have been pre-screened.
    3. Weekly meetings to help you “experience” these companies and continue to get educated about franchising, so your evaluation process is focused, thorough, and you learn about the mechanics of franchising.
    4. Expert guidance and education with lots of educational info that assists your franchise evaluation process. Making a living through an entrepreneurial opportunity and having a connection with the service or product is the perfect business marriage!
  2. Post-buy efforts and leadership counsel – I’m always available having an executive in franchising and small business owner over the past 30 years, I can filter out the industry noise and give it to your straight!

We wish you and your family in 2020 a future filled with Passion, Equity & much SUCCESS!  If I can help you solve your WHY statement of becoming self-employed in 2020 or want to understand better how franchising works, call! 


Scott Diener of ProFranchiseAdvisor.com is a leading franchise expert with 30+ years experience building franchise brands for fortune 100 and mid-size companies, and after running out of gas as a corporate road warrior, he became the entrepreneur of children’s entertainment centers based in Los Angeles together with his wife to achieve his flexibility and freedom.



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