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People use many different criteria for how to buy franchise business opportunities. How do you find your franchise opportunity? Unfortunately, having a friend or neighbor who has enjoyed success in their business does not translate as an indicator of your franchise ownership success, and neither is buying the hottest franchise from a magazine list. It’s just like purchasing a house – everyone has their criteria on what they value most, even between siblings; it’s different. I know both of my boys have similar goals, but how they get there will be very different.  Building your Business Preference Model is your guide to finding the right business.

Are you tired of climbing the unstable corporate ladder and still searching for career options? Maybe a business where you are the boss with income potential coupled with lifestyle rewards is the right investment in yourself.  You want peace of mind that your money and time are invested in the right franchise business that offers great support. One of the most appealing advantages of buying a franchise, is that a franchise helps you hit the ground running; it gives you an established business model to launch from and systemic support that’s vital to your success.

The hard part is identifying the right franchise opportunity that best fits your experience and career goals are key to your success. I created and use this primary driver’s model during our initial phase of our consultation to help my clients filter through the 1000’s of franchise opportunities.  Use this model to draft your ideal business preference blueprint. 

Use your blueprint when researching and buying your franchise business opportunity. If you have questions on how to apply this model or want help to determine which concepts are best for YOU to learn more, schedule a call (949) 900-0588

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  • Scott Diener of is a leading franchise expert with 30+ years’ experience building franchise brands for fortune 100 and mid-size companies, and after running out of gas as a corporate road warrior, he became the entrepreneur of children’s entertainment centers based in Los Angeles together with his wife to achieve his flexibility and freedom    

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