Perhaps most importantly, going into business for yourself offers unequaled freedom and returns in an industry of your choosing. But franchise ownership also has other benefits: a proven success record, plenty of support from the franchisor, and outstanding consumer appeal.  You may not have thought about these:  1) Lifestyle flexibility, 2) No more bureaucratic politics, 3) No capped Income, 4) Favorable tax structure and 5) Equity potential

We deal with a broad range of business categories and our franchise partners range from niche markets to nationally recognized names, and the corresponding investments vary by franchise and opportunity.  Not all franchises are alike—our strength is finding the best fit for your situation. We work closely with a wide range of franchisors and know their programs inside and out. We’re experts in the details, and we offer shortcuts and great advice to reduce mistakes and ensure you’re on solid footing.

And the best news – it costs you exactly the same, whether you use a consulting service or go directly to a franchise company. So you might as well take advantage of the valuable service we provide.  And because the law dictates that franchise companies cannot surcharge you when you use a consultant – or offer you a discount when you don’t – the price of the franchise to you is exactly the same whether you choose to use us or not. 

Many franchise systems prefer to work with consultants like us. They know from experience they will be speaking with a candidate that has been pre-educated, that is most likely a good fit for their business – and, as a result, they will be anxious to spend time with you. You might say our introductions “move you to the top of their list.”

Our process is designed to do exactly that! With our experienced consultants we learn about your skills and needs and can better align you with opportunities best suited for you and sometimes it’s something you never even thought about or knew existed!

Our expert financing partners have total funding solutions for franchises and small businesses, that provides franchisees and independent business owners with a single resource that searches the marketplace for the best available business funding options to initially fund and/or expand a business. The best part is your franchisor has already helped dozens if not hundreds of individuals just like you turn their dream into a reality!

In general, the most common options for financing your purchase include:


Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Home Mortgage Cash Out/Refinancing

Other Equities – such as Stocks/Bonds/CD’s

Cash/Liquidity Value (not death value) of Life Insurance

Other real estate properties than primary residence

Retirement accounts, such as 401K or IRA without early withdrawal penalties or taxation

Assets of Partners/Friends/Family/Other Investors

SBA-backed bank loans

Conventional Bank loans

In general, these are the various KINDS of support most franchises provide you:

  • A Proven Operating System– complete with manuals
  • Focused and Comprehensive Initial Training – to start you off properly
  • Ongoing Operations Training and Support – so that you grow with your business
  • Marketing and Sales Training – so getting customers isn’t “rocket science”
  • A Proven Marketing Plan – not one that you have to test and test and test, until you get it right
  • Ongoing R & D (research and development) – so that your franchise grows and adapts with the times and changing customer needs
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support – so that you are NEVER alone in your business
  • Defined, Targeted Territories – using sophisticated demographic data
  • Technical and Administrative Support – including management software, IT advice

The Franchise Disclosure Document is the document that a franchise company is required by federal law to give to a prospective franchise buyer before the franchise can be purchased, and includes a wealth of information about the franchise, including:

  1. The history of the franchise and its officers and directors.
  2. A complete description of the business to be franchised.
  3. All costs and fees that you will be subject to under the agreement.
  4. All obligations of either party to the other during the term of the agreement and thereafter.
  5. Any relevant litigation history of the company or its officers.
  6. Any business failures, ownership transfers, franchise agreement terminations or other potentially adverse information relating to the success rate of the existing units in the system.
  7. Audited financial statements for the previous three years for the franchise company.
  8. A list of the existing franchisees.
  9. A complete copy of the actual franchise agreement document.

The FDD’s primary purpose is to provide any prospective franchise buyer with uniform information with which they can make a decision about the purchase of one franchise over another. It is the most important and valuable document in your “learning process” about a franchise.

At Pro Franchise Advisor, our goal is to assist you in connecting with franchise opportunities that could be an excellent fit for you.

We believe in transparency and visibility for our clients and as a franchise consultant and broker although we don’t charge you a fee for our services and assistance, if you do invest in and buy a franchise from a franchisor that we introduce you to, we are compensated and paid a commission by the franchisor.

The information that we share is published and provided to us by the franchisor and, naturally, we cannot and do not represent the information provided by the franchisor and have not independently verified the data.

We do not make any representations on behalf of a franchisor, including financial performance representations.  The only time that you should consider relying on financial data or information about a franchise opportunity is if it is disclosed by the franchisor in item 19 of the FDD.

We always recommend that you independently evaluate and investigate a franchise opportunity with a lawyer, CPA and financial advisor before you buy a franchise.

While we connect you with brands that we believe could be a good fit, naturally, we don’t make any guarantees and do not make any representations about the money that you may or may not earn as a franchisee.

We do not offer or sell franchises.  Only a franchisor through a properly issued and disclosed FDD can make an offer to sell a franchise.